NAE Grand Challenge K12 Partners Program

Addressing the 14 Grand Challenges which the National Academy of Engineering has identified for the 21st century will require the awareness, commitment, and involvement of many areas of society.  To develop the scientific and technological expertise and workforce to address these challenges, we must reach and impact not only the university level, but also the K-12 level-- students, teachers, administrators, and curriculum.  Solving these Grand Challenges requires us to develop leaders, technological experts and workers, and an informed workforce and populace, both within and outside of engineering.  To achieve this, our goal is to address the Grand Challenges at the K-12 level.


What is the NAE Grand Challenge K12 Partners Program?   

The NAE GC K12 Partners Program is the way the Grand Challenges get integrated into the lives of K12 students and teachers.  To attain “Partner” status, an individual, class, school or district will implement a pathway in collaboration with a GC K12 Partners Program Site (See Pathway to Partner Status).  Individual Partners may link with either a Regional Site or with the National Office, as described under K12 Program Mission.