K12 Program Mission


To create an awareness of and involvement in the NAE Grand Challenges for the K12 community in order to (1) strengthen the STEM pipeline; (2) develop technical literacy and motivation needed to be successful as a society in solving Grand Challenges; (3) educate the populace on the engineering mindset and the role of engineering in addressing Grand Challenges and improving the quality of life.

To Implement This Mission:

We propose to accomplish this mission through a pathway for Partner K12 students, teachers and administrators, and other constituents to become involved in learning about and participating in the NAE Grand Challenges.  Partners link with either a regional GC K12 Partner Site or the GC K12 Partners Program national office, if there is no convenient local site.  The national office maintains a website that provides a listing of Regional Partner Sites at www.grandchallengek12.org.

How do Colleges of Engineering become GC K12 Regional Partner Sites?

Colleges of engineering who are sponsoring NAE Grand Challenge Scholars Programs for undergraduate students across the US may through their own initiative, be designated as K12 Regional Partner Sites, and will serve K12 communities in their geographic regions. Sites can choose large or small geographic regions per their own connections and ambitions. Regional Sites will:

(1)    Host an “NAE Grand Challenge K12 Partner” Regional Conference:
a)    Invite members of the K12 community in their chosen geographic region.
b)    Have access to materials and curriculum developed by NCSU/Duke and other sources.

(2)    Have a continuing role with K12 Partner Sites:
a)    Serve as a resource for the NAE GC K12 Partners Program.

b)    Provide resources and support for Partner individuals (including teachers, counselors, administrators, parents, and students), classes, schools, districts, and curriculum.

c)    Host periodic meetings and conferences of Partners and/or other Sites.

d)    Liaison with the NAE K12 Partners Program National Office (currently NCSU and Duke) and link with the National Website.

What do Partners do when they have no Regional Partner Site with which to link?

Partners such as individuals, classes, schools or districts that are not able to link to a Regional Partner Site may contact the National Office via the website at www.grandchallengek12.org to receive guidance and assistance in attaining their Partner status.