Pathway to Partner Status

Pathway to Attain GC K12 Partner Status:

  1. Link with either a Regional GC K12 Partner Site or with the National Office.
  2. Understand the Challenges: Partners demonstrate an understanding of the NAE 14 Grand Challenges as is grade-level and age-appropriate for that Partner. What are they, how were they developed and organized, what is the “5-Part Make it Happen Plan,” and why are these Grand Challenges so important for our future?
  3. Translate the Challenge(s) into Practice:  Partners apply a Challenge or group of Challenges in an interactive, hands-on, grade-level appropriate way using the “5-Part Make It Happen Plan.”   Partners will be encouraged to use existing curricular (or extra-curricular) assignments, projects, or other mechanisms to translate the Challenge(s) into practice. The outcomes can be any deliverable product that reflects the implementation of the Challenge(s).
  4. Disseminate Partners’ “Challenges to Practice” Work: Partners will be expected to make the results of their work available to others with an eye to promoting the Challenges in general. This can take the form of any grade-appropriate mechanism and can include the use of the National GC K12 Website  at